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Taylor Ward in Bathing Suit Says Hi From Dubai

The model posed in a black bathing suit.

Model Taylor Ward recently enjoyed a trip to Dubai, and naturally, she enjoyed the city's incredible sights. Ward—who is partners with pro footballer Riyad Mahrez—posted a video on Instagram of herself lounging on a chair at the beach, with the scenery in view. She wore a black bathing suit, showcasing her figure. Read on to see 5 ways Taylor Ward stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Spends A Lot Of Time In The Sun

Ward doesn't just love to get some sun when she's in Dubai. If you look at her Instagram account, you'll notice that Ward spends a lot of time in the sun. She's posted several photos of herself at the beach or in the sun


She Eats High Protein Snacks

Ward likes to enjoy snacks that are high in protein. "If you want to follow a high-protein diet, choose your protein wisely. Good choices include soy protein, beans, nuts, fish, skinless poultry, lean beef, pork and low-fat dairy products. Avoid processed meats. The quality of the carbohydrates (carbs) you eat is important too. Cut processed carbs from your diet, and choose carbs that are high in fiber and nutrient-dense, such as whole grains and vegetables and fruit," says the Mayo Clinic.


She Gets Massages

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Ward makes self-care and relaxation a priority, and one of her favorite ways to unwind is to get a massage. In fact, she revealed on Instagram that she sometimes doesn't even leave the house to get a massage. Ward posted this photo advertising the Urban App, which allows people to book at-home massages. 


She Eats Healthy

Dave Benett/Getty Images

While Ward is a bit quiet about her diet, she has been seen enjoying a lot of healthy foods on social media. Ward posted this photo of herself enjoying a plate of olives and fruit while on a plane. She captioned the photo, "Day Dreamer."


She's Learning Tennis

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Ward is learning how to play tennis, and posted this photo on Instagram of herself at the court in Marbella, Spain. Ward captioned the photo, "You'll see me centre court at Wimbledon next."

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