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Teen Mom's MacKenzie McKee in Bathing Suit Has "No Complaints"

Here is how the reality star stays fit.

MacKenzie McKee is happy with how she is spending her summer, at the pool in her swimsuit! The Teen Mom star flaunts her fit figure in a lavender hued bathing suit lounging poolside via her latest social media post. "No complaints," she captioned the Instagram snap, smiling wide for the camera. How does the reality star turned fitness entrepreneur maintain her fit physique? Read on to see 5 ways MacKenzie McKee stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Hires Professionals

MacKenzie McKee/Instagram

Prior to starting her fitness business, Body By Mac, the reality star enlisted professionals to help get her into shape. "For the first time, I've hired a trainer," she told OK!. "I am training for a body building competition." "Learn to do each exercise correctly. When lifting weights, move through the full range of motion in your joints. The better your form, the better your results, and the less likely you are to hurt yourself. If you're unable to maintain good form, decrease the weight or the number of repetitions. Remember that proper form matters even when you pick up and replace your weights on the weight racks," says the Mayo Clinic. "If you're not sure whether you're doing a particular exercise correctly, ask a personal trainer or other fitness specialist for help."


Her Diet Is Strict


Mackenzie maintains a healthy diet and eats a lot to fuel herself for fitness. "My diet is pretty strict however, I eat more than an average person eats. I meal prep Sundays for the whole week and I stick to my diet 7 days a week, which consists of a lot of grains and a lot of broccoli and beans! And a lot of lean meats, egg whites, chicken, white fish, oatmeal with blueberries and plant based protein," she told OK.


She Maintains It's About Finding Balance

MacKenzie McKee/Instagram

"The hardest part is definitely starting. You begin to look at food as poison to your body! It's like my whole day is ruined if I don't work out. In the beginning I hated running. Once you start and get motivated, you learn to love it. It's hard starting," she told OK. "We are human, there are days when you have your off days, but it's about finding that balance and know when to get back on the grind."


She Saw a Hormone Specialist

MacKenzie McKee/Instagram

MacKenzie struggled to lose weight by dieting and working out "like a mad woman," before seeing a doctor and discovering she had a hormone imbalance. "And this my friends is why you should go see a hormone specialist and see where your body is before going after your fitness goals. Took my testosterone from a 15 to 250. I can't wait to see what my body does for next prep," she revealed in a tweet. 


She Is All About "Challenges"

MacKenzie McKee/Instagram

As part of her fitness program, MacKenzie encourages fitness challenges to stay on track. "Who's ready for Summer? The level up fitness team has been working HARD to create the perfect back to summer program for you," she captioned this photo, introducing her four week fitness program. 

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