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Una Healy in Bathing Suit Loves "The Evening Sun" in Spain

The singer showed off her abs in a new Instagram post.

The Saturdays member Una Healy enjoyed a pool day at Zafiro Palace Andratx in Spain, and posted about it on Instagram. Healy sat on a perch in the middle of the pool and wore an orange bathing suit. She captioned the photo "Love the evening sun." How does the singer stay in shape while keeping so busy? Read on to see seven ways Una Healy stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Exercises Regularly, But Takes A Day Off Once In A While

Healy says that she makes sure to workout often, but that she does take a day off once in a while. She says to RTE, "I try to do something every day. I've really gotten into fitness in the last year. I hate starting the day without exercise now, but I will give myself a Sunday off sometimes."


She Weight & Strength Trains

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Healy says that one of her go-to workouts is strength and weight training. ​​"I also do lots of weights and I try to keep the cardio going alongside strength and conditioning," she says to RTE. Healy says that she always feels good after doing a session. "I walk away in my mind feeling healthier and better. It's so good for the endorphins."


She Does A Lot Of Cardio

Healy's gym visits involve a lot of different types of cardio. "I do a lot of road running, usually around 5K," she says to RTE. "I do gym classes too, like Body Pump, Body Combat and Spin. There's virtual Spin at my gym which is really fun!"


She Stays Motivated

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Healy says to RTE that motivation is a big part of her fitness routine: "You have to keep going really. You can easily get lazy but I find the more you do it, the more you want to do it." Healy says how she feels after a workout is a big motivator for her, "I know how happy it makes me feel when I work out so I'd rather have that feeling all day."


She Enjoys A Sweet Treat Once In A While


Healy says to RTE that she wasn't a huge sweet tooth in the past, but she's recently started to enjoy treats once in a while. "I never used to have so much of a sweet tooth, I was always one to say that I don't like chocolate, but now that I've been exercising so much I'll give myself a little treat like a biscuit or a chocolate bar every other day." Healy thinks that increasing her exercises have made her start to crave sugar more. "Maybe I need the sugar a little bit more because I'm exercising."


She Eats A Small Amount Of Meat, And Goes Vegan and Vegetarian On Some Days

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While Healy says that she isn't a vegan or a vegetarian, she doesn't eat a lot of meat in her diet. She tells RTE, "I'm a bit of a 'meat and two veg' kind of person, so I'm not on any kind of vegan or vegetarian diet. I still eat meat – but not too much of it." However, Healy says that she does have days where she doesn't eat meat at all. "I'll have days where I eat vegan or veggie."


She Makes Time For Herself

Healy has a pretty hectic schedule, from her singing career, to doing TV appearances, to taking care of her two children. Despite her business, she says that she always makes time for herself. "Having a bit of 'me time' is so important, even if it's watching your favourite TV programme or the routine of having your nails done," she says to RTE. "Making sure you give yourself little treats helps because sometimes you can forget."

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