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Zelina Vega in Bathing Suit is in Her "Favorite Place"

Here are the WWE star’s top diet and fitness tips

Zelina Vega is showing off her incredible figure in a swimsuit while on vacation. The WWE star heats up social media in her latest post, visiting her "favorite place" in Orlando and "quite possibly in the US," Discovery Cove. "The most relaxing and beautiful scenery, amazing food, wonderful animals and @staley.june is such a wonderful host and incredible woman, all part of the experience! Thank you guys for giving us the break we needed to relax and refuel!" she captioned an Instagram video. How does the athlete stay so fit? Read on to see 5 of Zelina Vega's top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Don't Eat Animal Products

Vega maintains a meat and animal-free diet, referring to herself as "vegan athlete." She's also spoken about her vegan diet on her YouTube and Twitch channels. What does vegan mean exactly? Compared to a vegetarian who doesn't eat any meat, a vegan avoids all animal products, including dairy. 


Do Fasted Cardio

Zelina Vega/Instagram

Zelina never works out on a full stomach. In one of her Instagram Stories she explained that she does fasted cardio. The approach means that you do cardio one an empty stomach, which some experts maintain accelerates fat loss. 


Order Meals From a Delivery Service

One way Zelina maintains a healthy diet is by ordering meals from Trifecta meal delivery service. The program is catered around performance athletes, offering clean meals for various lifestyles, including keto, paleo, and vegan. Meal delivery programs are a great way to practice portion control and prevent grabbing unhealthy meals on-the-go. 


Allow Yourself to Cheat


Zelina is all about indulging on occasion. What does a cheat meal for her look like? On one day she noshed on pizza followed by frozen yogurt with donut holes on top. Allowing yourself to cheat on occasion is a great way to reward yourself, when on a strict, healthy eating program. 


Make Your Workouts Count

Zelina's workouts are no joke. They often involve heavy weights and lots of reps, incorporating in MMA. She also uses resistance bands to increase the burn, per her social media posts. And of course, she spends a lot of time fighting, a great form of fitness. 

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