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Amy Schumer Shares Rare Swimsuit Photo

Here are her top lifestyle habits. 

Amy Schumer is snorkeling in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the actress shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while exploring the ocean on vacation in the tropics. "ABR #alwaysberelatable," she captioned the rare swimsuit photo with her followers. How does the 42-year-old approach health and wellness? Celebwell rounded up some of her top lifestyle habits. 


Plastic Surgery


Amy has been open and honest about going under the knife. In one of her Instagram Stories she revealed that she had lost a lot of weight after getting liposuction. "I feel good. Finally. It's been a journey thanks for helping me get my strength back @seckinmd(endo) @jordanternermd (lipo)," she captioned the post. "Never thought i would do anything but talk to me after your uterus doesn't contract for 2.5 years and you turn 40. @paulvincent22 vickie Lee (acupuncture) my girl Nicole from the tox my friends and fam. Let's go!" she captioned the post. 


Lyme Disease


Amy has battled Lyme disease, which she claims was initially responsible for her weight loss. "For me, I was diagnosed with Lyme earlier this year, and I definitely lost a couple of LBs," she said in a video chat with model Hunter McGrady for Yahoo Life. "And people's reaction of like, 'You're losing weight,' you know, like they're congratulating you. And I'm like, it's really just about my health. I don't know if I lose or gain weight."




Amy is one of the many stars who tried Ozempic, she revealed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Life. However, she said that the side effects were unbearable. "I was one of the people that felt like sick, I couldn't like play with my son," she said. While she was "so skinny" she felt so sick that she couldn't throw a ball with her son. "You're like, 'OK this isn't livable for me,' but I immediately invested because I'm like, 'Everyone and their mom is going to try it,'" she said. "Everybody (is) lying, everyone's like, 'Oh, smaller portions,' like shut the f— up, you're on Ozempic or one of those things," she said. "Just be real with the people."



Amy works out and has trained with Harley Pasternak. "Amy lives by the idea 'strong in the gym, lean in life.' She keeps her workout with us super brief and stays active through the rest of the day," he told Popsugar. He added to Health that "Amy's naturally an athlete," noting that she played sports in high school and college and was even an aerobics instructor. "So she's very coordinated, and easy to push in the gym," he said. 


Eating "Well"

Amy has a moderate approach to diet. "I exercise, I eat well, I just don't starve myself," she told Australia's Channel Ten.

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