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Kate Upton in Bikini Nails Pool Workout

Here is how the model stays in shape 

Kate Upton has found the perfect way to beat the heat during a workout: Slip on a bikini and exercise in a pool. "For most people, pool days mean chilling on the side of the pool. For @kateupton though, the work doesn't stop," wrote the actress and model's trainer, Ben Bruno, sharing a video of her splashy routine. "Here's how we beat the heat and get a workout in at the same time. And by 'we', I mean Kate; I'll usually do a few rounds of the workout with her and then just chill on the side of the pool."  What does the mother-of-one's pool workout consist of and what else does her fitness regiment entail? Read on to see 6 ways Kate Upton stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


Her Pool Workout Is Tough

According to Bruno, Kate's pool workout is nothing to scoff at. "The pool workouts look easy, but they're actually really tough. Here's a clip of the hand weight circuit and the bar circuit, but we also do a bunch of lower body stuff, and sometimes we'll bring the KBox or some dumbbells out by the pool and do a mix of weights and pool stuff," he wrote. 


Subhead Goes Right Here

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Bruno previously told Cosmopolitan that Kate bangs out a workout five days a week, for one to two hours per day.  Her workouts are strength-based circuit training, working her full body every time. Exercises include a mix of dead lifts, hip thrusts, lunges, rows, and sled pulls. "A lot of girls are scared to do strength training because they fear that they're going to bulk up, but if you do the right stuff and focus on the right exercises, it actually helps tighten everything up. Kate has really tightened up her physique noticeably as she's gotten stronger," he explained. 


Her Diet Is Clean


Bruno maintains that"nutrition is more than half the battle," when it comes to Kate's success. "She committed to both the training and the eating right from the get-go, and that's why she's seeing such great results." Kate consumes lean protein at every meal along with veggies. She also avoids added sugars and processed foods. "That's been key," Bruno explained. "If you limit sugar and processed food, that takes care of most of the problems." Smoothies are one of her go-to drinks. 


Chelsea Handler Serves As Friendly Competition

Bruno also trains Chelsea Handler, who serves as Kate's friendly competition when it comes to exercise. The girls are constantly tagging each other in workout videos, trying to one-up each other. 


She Gets to Cheat

Bruno reveals that Kate loves wine and does drink occasionally in moderation. " I don't want it to feel like an unbearable diet. There's not a set cheat day or anything like that, but she does have treats here and there."


She Is Active

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In addition to her workouts, Kate is incredibly active. She goes on hikes, swims, boxes, plays tennis, and is an equestrian. 



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