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Tridha Choudhury in Bathing Suit is "Bathing in Golden Hour"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Actress Tridha Choudhury shares a lot of stunning shots on Instagram. Recently, she took a trip to the Maldives and made sure to spend time outside. In a recent post, Choudhury lounged on a deck chair. She wore a strapless two-piece black lace swimsuit, looking stunning. She captioned the post, "Bathing in the Golden Hour." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Tridha Choudhury stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Eats Healthy


Choudhury makes sure to eat healthy. She shared her summer diet in a 2015 interview with Times of India. "I'm having wheat grass mixed with fruit juice or coconut water," she said. "It really keeps me cool and acts as a detoxifier. Fruits, salads, curd are also part of my diet. Chicken stew with lots of veggies cooked in one teaspoon of olive oil and brown bread is my lunch and dinner all through summer."


She Takes Care Of Her Skin & Hair

Choudhury makes sure to take care of her skin and hair, especially in the summer. She shared her secrets in her Times of India. "​​I'm mixing two types of shampoo (oil balancing and moisturising) to wash my hair. I'm also using Moroccan oil as serum to keep my hair soft and silky. To remove tan, I'm applying papaya mixed with curd. My mother boils neem leaves in rose water and stores it in bottles in the fridge. I use that to wash my face.


She Changed Her Skincare Routine

During the pandemic, Choudhury used her time to change her skincare routine. She opened up about this to Indulge Express. "2020 has restored my skin that had undergone a lot of damage in 2019 due to the hectic schedule I had. I was shooting simultaneously for about three-four projects and that took a toll on my skin. So, 2020, gave me ample time to undo the damage. I use Advanced Night Repair Serum from Estee Lauder and La Shield's SPF 40 sunscreen.


She Cuts Out Sugar

Choudhury shared some of her diet secrets to Indulge Express. "I am not too picky. More than a balanced diet, I believe in not consuming certain things. Sugar is the culprit in everyone's diet and I control the additional intake of sugar strictly…I do not consume alcohol or sugar the night before a very important video shoot. In video shoots, you cannot afford to look puffy or tired."


She Hikes

Choudhury does a lot of traveling, and she makes sure to stay fit on the road. She shared some of her favorite exercises with Telegraph India. "Walking and hiking," she says. "It is the best way to explore a new place while burning calories. Also, eat modestly and avoid too much sugar. I was recently gifted a Fitbit (step tracker) to measure my fitness level and now I keep on competing on the app. It's an interesting way to stay motivated."

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